Hostel for 100 Children

In our years of working with children, we have realised that we can truly transform the children if we can provide them a conducive environment 24 hours a day. The 18 children we currently house in the Pathshala Hostel have truly advanced in academics, emotional and physical development. We would like to extend the same hostel model to impact 100 children.

This is a chronology of events that lead us to decide to build a Hostel for 100 children...
Life long Dream: To impart "education" to kids who are less privileged

2013: Birth of the concept of a mobile school (go to the children, don't expect them to come to you): FOOTPATH PATHSHALA

2014: Beginning of a learning and development center with a library that encourages children in developing extra curricular skills and provides additional academic tutoring: PATHBHAVAN

2014: Birth of PATHSHALA HOSTEL for 8 kids (now 18) since parents (construction laborers) were going to take them away and the only way to keep them was to provide them a secure place to stay and the infrastructure to do well.

2014: All the children in the hostel and children doing well in Pathshala were enrolled into a formal school called NAVPRERNA run by Navrachana Education Trust. Currently we have 48 children going to Navprerna after finishing classes at Pathshala.

2015: Results were astonishing. In a couple of years hostel children started securing among first three positions in their class. Flourished in music, art, theater, sport. Major difference in speed of development between children attending Pathshala for 3 hours and those living in the hostel.

2015: The idea to extend the hostel model to 100 children took root.

2016: Acquired land in Lasundra, Savli

2017: Spent a year visiting government offices multiple times a week to get NA to start construction on the land

2017: Fundraising from well wishers, corporates, Srotoshwini's annual performances

2017: Construction of the hostel started in December 2017. Expected completion by March 2019. We are more than 3/4th way through with our fundraising efforts.

2018: Please reach out to us if you would like to support the final steps of completion of our construction project. We are 80G compliant.