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Pathshala, Pathbhavan and Churni
Run by
Srotoshwini Trust, Vadodara

Srotoshwini Srotoshwini is a city based trust, registered in 2010, primarily aimed at encouraging underprivileged children to study and do a few activities for their development. Pathshala, was introduced in 2013, for the children of construction labourers. The fundamental concept of Pathshala is that of a mobile school; we take the school to the children since these children can’t make it to traditional schools due to their dire circumstances. Pathshala has had many homes over the years. We started in the Sama Sports Complex while it was under construction. From there we moved to having 3 different branches of Pathshala being run from the footpaths of Vadodara. Then we moved to the Police Training academy for a few months, MSU’s management department for another few and finally now we are based out of Parshuram Bhatta at Jetalpur, Vadodara. We cater to 80 children there. We have a hostel for 12 kids, who go to school regularly and do age appropriate activities.

We run Pathbhavan, a learning and development center at Sanjay Nagar, Sama. Pathbhavan introduces our children to many creative activities like puppet making, origami, dance lessons, computer lessons, theater, guest lectures from educators, industry professionals, healthcare providers etc. talking about current day relevant topics. The purpose is to engage them, broaden their world view and introduce them to choices that they might never have heard of before.

We firmly believe, that children being the most vulnerable section of the society, are more susceptible to choose wrong paths as the ambience where they stay is not conducive to do anything positive in life. The more they are busy in studies and other activities the less they get involved in anti social activities. Our NGO tries to reach the unreached through imparting education and values of life. Our future plan is to build up a hostel for 100 children, where they would get all facilities to study, free of cost. From the entire lot of children, we send a group of 44 children to Navprerna School, which is run by Navrachna Education Society.

Helping children to learn


A mobile informal school for the under privileged childern, operational since May 2013. more

A fully equiped hostel, dedicated education plan(students enrolled with Navprerna) and extra curricular activites for 10 under privileged children.



A library and activity centre for the under privileged children. Pathbhavan allows these children issue books and engage in art and crafts activities, english-speaking lessons and computer training.


Churni Collection

Srotoshwini has initiated Churni Collection – a collection of products made by the mothers ofa few Pathshala children and a group of young ladies from Pathbhavan.. These products are exhibited and sold at exhibitions periodically organized by Srotoshwini. The entire sale proceeds go to the ladies to be deployed in their development. Recently, Srotoshwini joined Tealcart, an online shopping platform, to provide the lades more opportunities.

Pathshala at present

We’ve had a whirlwind of a year to find a stable place to hold classes. From MSU’s management department in February 2017, we moved back to the footpath under Pandya bridge. From there we moved to our current location, Parshuram Bhatta in August, 2017. The timing is 8.15 am to 11.30 am.

Cultural Wing

Srotoshwini, initially was a hardcore cultural group. Its aim was to spread Bengali culture among the Bengalees of Baroda. It has completed 10 glorious years. It has created a niche among the cultural groups of Baroda. Srotoshwini performs contemporary plays, music and dance on various occasions. Presently the performances are organised to raise funds for Pathshala and Pathbhavan.


As far as our curriculum is concerned, we started from the scratch at each center as it was needed. Initially we divided them in different sections according to their ability rather than according to their age. Everywhere the stress was on making them read and write the basics of Gujarati. Now the children are divided in classes from Preschool to Class 6 and one advanced class, where they learn English. One section learns English as they can read and write Gujarati well. Along with studies, we conduct art and craft activities, solving puzzles, dance, dramatics and spoken English. Pathshala children take part in various cultural programmes. We stress upon extra curricular activities to make them more confident. We organise Annual concert for these children for last two years.

Our students and their stories
  • Santoshi

    Extremely bright girl, who was with us at Sama site, could not continue her studies because of her father and step mother. When we tried to convince her father, he allegedly asked us ‘ mere ladki ke pichhe aaplog kiyun pare ho?’ We could not do anything. After leaving Sama site, Santoshi once sent a note which says ‘ madam, aap jitna bhi kashis kar lo, mere liye kuchh nahi kar paogi. Main dusre bachchon ki tarah kabhi bhi khush nahi ho sakti hu’!

  • Kanu

    A footpath kid, once insisted me saying ‘ madam, aap mujhe aap ki ghar le chaliye. Nahi to mere mummy mujhe le ke gaon chale jayange’. I tried to talk to his mother. But she was not available. He does not have father. I thought next day I would try to convince his mother so that I could take him to our hostel. Next morning, he was not there. By then he had already left. Other children told me that he resisted his mother a lot and eventually got beaten up badly. The only demand was there that he wanted to stay and study. We could not help.

  • Ajay-Dinesh-Manisha

    Were very good in studies. Once, their father had to to go to Ahmedabad site for there was no work for him at the Sama site. They cried a lot. Their mothe met me, said ‘ madame yeh bachche mujhe chhorke rah sakte hain, lakin aapko chorke nahi’. I could not do anything then Only prayed. A few days or a month later, they came back with abroad smile. They insisted their father to manage the contractor and get work for Sama site. And their father could manage and came back. These kids now stay

  • Sunita-Bharti-Manisha

    The other day, Sunita (Footpath Pathshala), Bharti ( FootpathPathshla) and Manisha ( won prizes at Open Baroda Drawing Competition, organised by Balbhavan. We were extremely happy till the question was asked.  After getting the participation certificate, a child from Footpath Pathshala asked with immense innocence on his face, ' Madam, yeh kagaj ( certificate) dikhane se ghar milega?'  I wish I could answer 'Yes'.
    Inputs from Juin Dutta


    Today morning i got a call from a reporter. He asked me about Pathshala.  I briefed him.  He asked me, how did we motivate the children to abstain from begging. I could not understand.  He said, he interacted with a child selling books at Alkapuri.  The child said, she used to beg earlier. 'Madam ne bola, ' kisi ke age haat nahi failana'. That's why she left begging. Instead, she started selling books. This girl doesn't have parents. Comes to Pathshala in the morning. Goes to Navprerna in the afternoon. And sells books/ stickers in the evening.  The reporter wanted to know how was it possible ?  I replied, 'the magic word is love, i suppose'. Inputs from Juin Dutta


    I was taking video bytes from the children for our music video Koshishen Atal. A very pertinent question was asked to so many children. The question was 'What would you become when you grow up?' The answers were a teacher, military personnel, police and so many other professions. A boy, Vinod, who does not have his parents, sells books near a mall to earn his livelihood, said ' Mujhe aise Pathshala kholna hai, jahan pe apne jaise bachche par sakte hain'.
    Inputs from Juin Dutta

  • Prabha-Arjun

    I met them few days back in Alkapuri. They were selling drawing books.The girl requested me to take the books as I have no kids at home so refused. Suddenly I could recognize the boy . He comes to jetelpur pathshala n I use d to teach them. I offered some money to them but they refused and said proudly hum nahi lenge madam ne mana kiya hai...I felt so proud for them n for our Juin Dutta madam.....I am so fortunate to be the part of Pathshala team. Inputs from Surjit Mukherjee Siddhant Mukherjee Indrani Banerjee Shashwat Mukherjee

Ongoing Project

The children of our hostel ( which could accommodate only 12 kids) have shown a tremendous improvement academically and behaviorally. They have started doing very well in their school and other activities wherever they are engaged in. After working for three years with the urban underprivileged children, we have realized that the children who come to Pathshala for study, need to be taken care of for 24 hours. They need a conducive environment to do well in life. Our main aim has been to build a hostel for 100 such kids. We had acquired a land at Lasundra, near Savli, Vadodara district. The hostel construction began in Dec 2017. We hope to finish construction by the end of this year or early next year and move all our children under one roof.


For those who want to contribute by way of general monetary contributions, the bank account details can be obtained by contacting us. Srotoshwini trust has received Income Tax exemption certificate 80G.

Who are behind Pathshala

Dr. Juin Dutta

Volunteer, President, Srotoshwini Trust.

When i interact with Pathshala children, i start knitting a new dream each day. A dream to see them grow as confident and sensible individuals. A dream to see them respectful and honest individual.

Mousumi Datta

General Secretary, Srotoshwini Trust

I wish the concept of Pathshala & Pathbhavan spreads all around and many more organizations come forward to make Baroda free from beggars and child labours. Hope our beloved city sets example in front of India in due course of time.


Rina Pal

Joint General Secretary, Srotoshwini Trust

I feel great to be part of Srotoshwini Trust. I am actively involved with Churni Collections where a few underprivileged ladies are involved. Our aim is to make them self reliant through Churni.

Bani Sengupta

Volunteer, Pathshala

At times I feel so contented, when I see smile on the face of these innocent students.., their joy for getting education and their desire to learn more makes me happy.


Shukti Bhattacharya

Volunteer, Churni Collection

A volunteer of Churni Collection, working with the women of underprivileged section. The women who are not financially protected. I aim to make these women financially independent and aim to bring back their self esteem. Some day they must be valued by their family members and so by their neighbours and thus by the society.


Bithika Ganguly

Volunteer, Pathshala

I got a new life here. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to 'pathshala'.

Anisha Roy

Volunteer, Pathshala

I want to live 100 years or more...because as long as i live, i will be able to devote myself for pathshala. I have a dream- when they will all read, write , sing, dance, and will live a life with respect and dignity! I will go miles for them before i sleep ! Good luck to all my twinkling stars....keep shining.


Arpita Mukherjee

Volunteer, Pathshala

Jab meri umar ho jayegi, apne bachche bare ho jayenge. Sab apne payer pe khare ho jayenge. Main murke dekhungi un sabko! Isse bada sukh aur kya ho sakti hai!


Sumita Bhowmick

Volunteer, Trustee, Pathshala

Pathshala is my second home...where we study ,give and get love..and enjoy a lot...

Shilpa Joshi

Volunteer, Pathshala

I feel very satisfied working with Pathashala & sharing my knowledge to the children. The positive vibes of Pathshala creates a humble & peaceful atmosphere.I would look forward to serve my best to Pathshala.


Shilpa Dodhiya

Volunteer, Pathshala

जगह ऐसी जो फूटपाट से पाठशाला तक लाया । ऊॅच नीचे की भेद बिना सबको एकजूट किया । यही है फूटपाट- पाठशाला- पाठ भवन जिसका छोटा सा हिस्सा हम है ।


Nikita Gangadharan

Volunteer, Pathshala

At Pathshala, learning is two way process. Volunteers at Pathshala imparts education to children and children teaches us how to look at life positively in every situation and face each day with a smile. Children's thirst for knowledge has never deterred even though there are no concrete classrooms and only limited facilities are available . I feel elated and happy to work with them and hope to continue doing this.

Preeth Khona

Volunteer, Pathshala

I am Preeth Khona pursuing my Bachelors in Archaeology & Ancient History at Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. I am basically from Bellary, Karnataka. I have been working for Wildlife Conservation at Bellary and also here at Vadodara. I am a naturalist and a Conservation Photographer with a view of conserving Nature and it's wealth. I also learn Carnatic Classical Music (Vocal) under Ms. Bindu Namboothiri. I Volunteer at Paatbhavan under the able guidance of Mousami Ma'am and Juin Ma'am, whose Selfless service is my Inspiration. I have always loved to Teach and I feel education is of no use till it is spread. I feel Imparting Education is a noble deed. Srotoshwini gives me the opportunity of teaching the children who are the bright future of this society. It has been an absolute Blissful experience working with Srotoshwini and teaching the children. As a student, I know the importance of education as it is a force that can change the world for Better. I feel fortunate on being a Part this Honorable Vision.


Ranu Bhatia

Volunteer, Pathshala

Pathshala has given a new dimension to my existence ;the positivity and energy of the children and the commitment and dedication of the teachers has extended itself in my being :we will make sure that the good work goes on

Dipali Choudhury

Volunteer, Trustee, Pathshala

I believe, these children will be prepared to face the world with more confidence. I am very proud to be a part of these efforts. God bless the children.


Biradevi Singh

Volunteer, Pathshala

My dream was to become a teacher. Everyday is a challenge and rejuvinating at the same time. I feel relaxed. I always pray to god that i teach them as long as they need it.

Manisha Pawar

Volunteer, Pathshala

Since many years, I desired to serve the weaker part of our society & Pathshala has given me the opportunity. Feeling great to be a part of Pathshala & contributing my time and knowledge to create positive changes in our society. Spending time with Pathshala gives me mental satisfaction and happiness.


Pramila Kasote

Volunteer, Pathshala

My day is incomplete without our children. God bless them

Dhatri Joshipura

Volunteer, Pathshala

I am associated with Pathshala since July 2017. I teach Hindi to 4th and 5th standard students. As of now I teach on 2 days each week. I am enjoying my time with the students and teachers of Pathshala. In these few months, apart from regular classes at the school, I was able to participate in other events like the Groundbreaking ceremony for Pathbhavan hostel, Wall painting by kids on Children’s Day and the Annual sports event. Over all, the association with Pathshala is both fulfilling and enriching.


Namrata Kale

Volunteer, Pathshala

I Namrata Kale am very proud and obliged to be the part of srotoshwini trust. I am very much lucky to contribute my work in such a great social service.

Bharat Desai

Volunteer, Pathshala

P- Power A-Attitude T-Thinking H- Habit S- Sincerity H- Honesty A- Action L- Learning A- Advantage Believe me, it’s a great experience, to teach children staying on foot path & in slums . You really know the meaning of “Life” & “Comfort”, when you see these people, staying on foot path & in slums, with no modern facility, and still they are happy & smiling. I love inter-acting with these kids, since they teach me the meaning of Life.


Jayshree Bhatt

Volunteer, Pathshala

I am immensely happy to be in the family of Pathshala-Pathbhavan, Srotoshwini group.Pathshala is a place where besides academics children are taught art,craft,music,cleanliness,hygiene,discipline and all the team of dedicated teachers aim at overall development of the children. I hope & wish my association with Pathshala continues for years to come.

Madhuri Adwani

Volunteer, Pathshala

Each and every child deserves a childhood. Pathshala is that space where i see that childhood shaping children into the better versions of who they can be. Also it makes me believe that this is truly the spirit of democratic education trying to reach margins. I love to play my part here!


Snehlata Agrawal

Volunteer, Pathshala

It has been my lifelong ambition to contribute meaningfully to the society beyond the confines of my home and family.
Having built a successful and a stable family, I could finally afford time in pursuit of more lofty goals.
I have always believed that education is the best, and perhaps the only sustainable way out of poverty and helplessness. Pathshaala rightly recognizes this, and helps educate the children who otherwise are doomed to a life of perpetual poverty and misery. Foremost, being a mother,
I have experience of teaching life-lessons as well as academic lessons to young restless minds, which hold me in good stead while working with PathShaala students. One needs love, empathy and dedication to motivate and inspire kids to learn, one step at a time;
qualities that any mother has in good measure. The joy with which the students at Pathshaala learn and develop is extremely fulfilling, and infuses me with great pride and enthusiasm to continue in similar vein.


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