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How you can help?

There is great work being done at Pathshala hostel. We can continue doing that work and expand it to our target of 100 children if we can collect the required funds to support them. Please donate and help us reach a wider audience by sharing this with your own network of friends, family and companies.

Pathshala Hostel success story

Every few weeks, there is a task assignment to dispose the used sanitary napkins collected in the clay incinerator provided by Vatsalya foundation. A few of the children were working on it when some of the boys who were playing on the grounds decided that they could provide some additional help to get the work […]

Pathshala Hostel November winner: Mahi

Pathshala hostel maintains a responsibility chart and rewards the house that has the maximum points in that month. The children get stars for following rules, being disciplined and taking their own initiative to implement our values. For children who fall short, the house gets dots. The healthy competition between houses keeps them motivated to remain […]